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An effective maintenance and repair operation (M&R) is important for every container stock-owner and, at its best, increases the lifespan of the stock by years. The rotation of stock must be quick so that it can get back into use again with as short a downtime as possible. A proper container stock maintenance and repair operation ensures that a container is fit to be loaded and thus a safe form of transportation.

AnkkuriContainer depot

We offer depot services in the harbours of Mussalo and Hietanen in Kotka and Vuosaari in Helsinki. The depots have a total of more than 130,000 square metres of storage space. We operate with modern equipment that includes empty container forklift trucks that can all handle two 40-foot containers at a time, and also container telehandlers. If necessary, we can pile up containers in stacks of seven, which means that we can fully maximise the use of space. We use the international EDI reporting service.

When a container arrives at the depot, we take it immediately to the inspection area. The container inspector carries out an inspection of its condition, on the basis of which any possible repair estimate is made and presented to the customer in the agreed way. Our personnel are trained in accordance with both the international IICL criteria and also shipping company-specific standards.

AnkkuriContainer repair and washing

Arctic Container offers a diverse and high-quality range of services, in terms of both container repair and washing in Helsinki, Kotka and Rauma. Our services include DC (Dry Cargo), HC (High Cube), OT (Open Top), MAFI trailer and flatrack repairs and washes. Our mobile repair unit carries out container repairs nationally as well. There are container washing areas at all our operating sites that meet environmental standards. We use hot water and environmentally-friendly detergents in container washes.

Our repair personnel are motivated are trained in accordance with both the latest international criteria and also shipping company-specific repair standards. All our employees also have occupational safety and hot work cards.

CSC and Pre Trip inspections

Our maintenance services also include Pre Trip inspections (PTI) and repairs to reefer containers in the harbour of Vuosaari. In addition, we carry out container inspections in line with IICL criteria and CSC updates on order. The inspections are carried out by IICL-certified inspectors.

Further information about IICL and CSC criteria (The Institute of International Container Lessors)

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AnkkuriContainer sales and fittings

We sell new and used containers for transportation and storage use and for export projects. Containers can be fitted in accordance with the customer’s needs, regardless of whether the container in question is new or used. If you want a container that is modified to your usage purposes, we will realise it in accordance with your designs.

Our fitting objects are, for example:

  • Display containers
  • Interchangeable platform rails
  • Hook-pull devices
  • Insulation jobs
  • Drainage trays
  • Access doors, double doors, windows, openings, hatches, racks
  • Electrification, also ex-
  • Paint jobs
  • Taping
  • Tire racks
  • Office containers
  • Cafe containers
  • Open Top

You can find more information and images on the container fittings and modifications that we have carried out from our references.

Information about the containers

20' Container

20' Kontti

Length 6,058 mm
Width 2,438 mm
Height 2,591 mm
Interior length 5,898 mm
Interior width 2,352 mm
Interior height 2,393 mm
Surface area 13.9 m2
Volume 33.2 m3
Load capacity 28,300 kg
Weight 2,180 kg
EUR pallets 11

40' Container

40' Kontti

Length 12,192 mm
Width 2,438 mm
Height 2,591 mm
Interior length 11,980 mm
Interior width 2,352 mm
Interior height 2,393 mm
Surface area 28.3 m2
Volume 67.7 m3
Load capacity 26,380 kg
Weight 4,100 kg
EUR pallets 23

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